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Fish bottle

Fish bottle


This beautiful 8.4 ounces comes with Grade A Amber Rich Taste, of pure maple syrup.

It is excellent on pancakes,ice cream or in your coffee.

My husband was born on the farm started to help his dad when he was about five years old gathering the sap with him when he was old enough, he would help his dad boil the sap after school.

 It takes 40 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup  some season it needs more gallons to make one. It depends on the sugar content. Syrup making last about six weeks. Usually it starts about the end February. And if we are lucky a week in April.

If the temperature goes down too cold at night and stays cold all day, we don’t get any sap the best temperature is about 29° at night and 40° during the day with a West wind.if the weather turns too cold nothing all depends on Mother Nature sometimes she’s not too good to us, but that’s part of being a farmer.


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